Our integration service involves deploying your solution quickly and efficiently whilst minimising the exposure to threats.

During the Integration phase we will incorporate some of our world class partner technologies with your existing technologies. This seamless integration will be carried out quickly and efficiently to minimise disruption and exposure.

Any new equipment will be tested in our own labs before shipping to the client site for further testing, configuration and deployment.

The complexity of deployment requires the attention of a knowledgeable project specialist who can keep both the technical and the commercial aspects on target, playing a key role in the successful integration of any proposed solution. Our project manager will engage with the customer at the beginning of the project cycle to understand the risks and help make the right risk management and planning decisions, to deliver a high quality project, within the agreed timescale and budget.

Timelines for each implementation is dependent on the complexity of the project and the clients' business constraints.

Installation will only be considered complete when the customer signs off against the agreed requirements documents, ensuring optimal customer satisfaction.