Threat actors don’t play by the rules, and they’ll use any means necessary to steal sensitive data. A red team assessment is a goal-oriented test of an organisation’s defences performed in real-time. 

The scope includes all of the available attack surface from the agreed vantage point (internal or external) and will cover the network and application layers as well as physical security and security awareness. The assessment will use legal, non-destructive attack vectors to gain access to and compromise customer networks. 

With no pre-determined guidelines or instructions, our cyber security experts will look for vulnerabilities and exploits in the following areas: 

  • Technology: Digital infrastructure, corporate and mobile applications, routers, switches and a variety of endpoints. 
  • People: Employees, independent contractors, high-risk departments and business partners. 
  • Physical: Office, warehouse, substations, data centres and associated buildings. 

A comprehensive report detailing vulnerabilities listed by criticality and severity is produced after the assessment, and certified cyber security experts present steps to improve the security posture of the company.

Red Alert: How a Red Team will Sharpen Your Attitude Towards Cyber Security

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