Red Team Assessment

Cyber criminals don’t follow a set of rules when it comes to hacking – they’ll break in by whichever means necessary.  Is your business prepared?

Red Teams think like hackers, with the intention of breaking your security

A red team assessment is an attack simulation designed to measure how well an organisation can withstand an attack from real-life threat actors.  They better prepare your organisation for the unexpected. 


of breaches involve social engineering
- DBIR 2020


of attacks infiltrate unnoticed
- DBIR 2020


of breaches involved phishing
- DBIR 2020

Scope of a Red Team Assessment

The scope of the engagement includes all the available attack surface from the agreed vantage point (internal or external) and covers the network and application layers, physical security and security awareness of employees.

The assessment leverages legal, non-destructive attack vectors to gain the level of access required to properly demonstrate the severity of a potential cyberthreat and compromise our customers' networks. Our certified and experienced team exposes vulnerabilities and exploits in the following areas:




Digital infrastructure, corporate and mobile applications, routers, switches and a variety of endpoints.
Integrity360-People-Icon-128 test


Employees, independent contractors, high-risk departments and business partners.


Office, warehouse, substations, data centres and associated buildings.

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Benefits of a Red Team Assessment

Red Team Assessments have become a more common addition to cyber security strategies as businesses have come to realise that hackers don’t always play fair. By testing multiple attack surfaces at once, businesses get a more accurate evaluation of their security posture.

  • Understanding of known and unknown threats
  • Evaluate digital and physical security
  • Assess and minimise attack surface
  • Comply with regulations and initiatives
  • Develop remediation plans
  • Gauge real-time response speed
  • Determine effectiveness of security awareness training
  • Reduce potential downtime
  • Improve security posture

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