Security Monitoring & Analytics

Leverage AI and machine learning to quickly sift through millions of events to spot abnormalities and potential causes for concern.

Hundreds of thousands of actions take place each day on the average company's network.

It's virtually impossible to review each one and give them all the same level of care needed to spot a cyber-attack.

Aggregate and analyse big data at scale to uncover small details that lead to meaningful insights using powerful Security Monitoring and Analytics platforms.  Make them the pillar of an effective cyber security strategy for your organisation.


Next-Generation SIEM eBook

Our eBook explores next-generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools and the impact they’re having on companies’ cyber security strategies.

Benefits of Security Monitoring

The average organisation would need dozens of security analyst to accomplish what one Security Monitoring and Analytics platform can achieve.

With this in place and running at peak performance, you can spend your resources focusing on preventing the next cyber-attack. Thes tools will enable you to:

  • Automate log collection
  • Monitor network traffic
  • Gain greater insight into actions
  • Provide real-time alerts for unusual activities
  • Streamline your security operations
  • Maintain compliance
  • Identify cyber-attacks sooner
  • Respond to security incidents more quickly
  • Determine false-positive alerts

Talk To An Security Specialist

Get in touch to arrange a call with a security specialist to discuss your unique challenges and needs.


Choose a partner who holds the highest levels of accreditations with a wide range of industry-leading IT security partners.  A partner who commits to ongoing training and has strong relationships with partners to ensure you receive the most complete support and robust solutions available.

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CIS Controls list Maintenance, Monitoring and Analysis of Audit Logs as #6 Basic control to collect, manage, and analyze audit logs of events that could help detect, understand, or recover from an attack. 

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