Incident Response

Proactive Incident Response services give you access to our experienced Incident Response Team (IR) who can quickly recognise and contain the threat, reducing your response time and minimising the impact.

As much as we try to prevent a cyber attack, we live in a world of ‘when' and not 'if' it’ll happen.

Incident response has earned its right in any board-level discussion on cyber security. It’s importance is also tied to the simple fact that businesses must be able to respond to a cyber-attack if they want to avoid suffering its three negative impacts: reputational risk, legal risk and financial risk.


$ av. cost savings with incident response teams and Incident Response testing


$ average total cost of a data breach


Industry average time to identify and contain a breach

Integrity360 are CREST Certified Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) Experts

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Benefits of Proactive Incident Response

Our incident response management gives organisations more resources, specialised services and managerial skills to deal with security incidents – not to mention the in-depth perspective on how to remediate them. Clients gain access to malware experts who can add the decision-making perspective, proprietary tools and proven methodologies to respond more quickly.

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Guaranteed availability of an experienced incident response management expert in the event of a compromise or suspected breach.



Improve incident response capabilities and reduce exposure to attacks and breaches with certified Incident Response specialists

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Skilled specialists from a variety of disciplines paired with a communication matrix allow for enhanced visibility and clearer decision-making.

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Speed up investigations to contain them within days and reduce response times while still clearing tasks and objectives.

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Demonstrate compliance and improve policy enforcement with skilled staff you can bring on at a moment’s notice.

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Repurpose the hours not used to improve other areas of the cyber security strategy while also staying prepared in the event of a security incident.


Incident Response Guide

Learn more about our incident response services, why it's important for your business and evaluate how mature your incident response capability is.

Why Incident Response?

The technical expertise required to analyse, contain and eradicate a cyber security threat isn’t a resource that’s ordinarily freely available. 

Within the industry, effective Incident Response services are seen as a core component of any well-thought out cyber security strategy. It's no surprise that proper incident response planning is seen as a core security control in all the leading cyber security frameworks and standards:

  • NIST PR.IP-9
  • CIS CSC 19
  • COBIT 5 APO12.06, DSS04.03
  • ISA 62443-2-1:2009,
  • ISO 27001:2013 A.16.1.1,A.17.1.1, A.17.1.2, A.17.1.3
  • NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 4 CP-2, CP-7,CP-12, CP-13, IR-7, IR-8, IR-9, PE-17

Emergency Incident Response

Under attack? If you are experiencing a cyber security incident, our Incident Response Team are available to assist you, 24/7.

Our Incident Response Process

Your organisation must be able to respond to a suspected security incident quickly. 

We leverage an array of next-generation technologies and expert cyber security specialists to deliver an incident response service. The service assists your organisation in responding to a suspected security incident in a time-efficient and productive manner.

Our staged approach is to stop the active threat while applying proprietary tools and processes to quickly diagnose the environment and remedy the situation:


Integrity360 incident response specialists meet with you to discuss the scope of the incident and establish a communication matrix for escalation.

Detection and Analysis

Assist in the deployment of assessment tools. Conduct log analysis from your systems and environment in an effort to determine the root cause of the incident.

Containment and Eradication

Collaborate with you in containing the incident, and restoring the business to normal operational standard.

Post-Incident Activity

Our incident response team produce a technical report detailing the incident while a briefing of management, board and any other key personnel takes place.

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At our request, Integrity360 stepped up brilliantly to respond to a cyber incident at a non-profit organisation, who had approached us seeking assistance. The team remedied a very serious situation and we thank the team at Integrity360 for demonstrating the power of the ecosystem.

Financial Services client

Compromise Assessment

A Compromise Assessment offers a comprehensive analysis of whether your environment has been compromised from a cyber security perspective. Our Incident Response team provide insight, direction and remediation advice if it has, or a clean bill of health if it has not.

Enterprise-wide data is collected and analysed for evidence of suspicious activity. Indicators of compromise (IOCs) are prioritised for in-depth investigation based on the risks they pose to the client’s network environment and business operations. If evidence of a past breach is discovered, our experts can determine when, where, and how it occurred, and provide recommendations for preventing a recurrence. If a breach is currently in progress, the team can transition into incident response.


  • Identify past or current breaches
  • Proactively prevent future breaches
  • Gained peace of mind from an IR expert review of  your environment
  • Prove ‘clean bill of health’ to interested parties
  • Reduce risk and show evidence of due diligence


  • Network logs assessment
  • Endpoints assessment (EDR)
  • Cloud logs assessment
  • Dark Web / Brand Abuse search and review
  • Threat Intelligence led Threat Hunt
  • Comprehensive report with recommendations



Have I Been Compromised?

If you are unsure if you have been breached and want reassurance by doing a complete review of your environment to identify evidence of compromise speak to us about arranging a compromise assessment today.


Our Qualifications

Market Guide for Managed Security Services

Integrity360 named as a Representative Security Pure-Play Vendor in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Managed Security Services