Data Protection Services

Organisations are privy to large amount of personal information for employees, its customers and in some cases, for third parties.

With the shift in regulatory requirements and as technology innovation continues to accelerate, organisations need to work together with privacy professionals to innovate new approaches that entrench privacy as a standard rather than an anomaly.

Applying strong data protection consists of data discovery, assessing risk, identifying solution platforms, defining objectives and workflows, and much more.

Our data protection services can help you discover critical data security issues that can result in significant business impacts and help reduce long-term data security related risks that include strategic, compliance and financial implications.

Our team provide you with full visibility and control of your data across on-premise and cloud-based architecture. We also provide you with a set of actionable recommendations to further improve your visibility across all data sources.

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Data Protection challenges addressed

  • Meeting multiple regulatory or client specific requirements
  • Lack of data classification
  • Emerging and evolving regulatory landscapes and the need to be compliant
  • Geographical spread of information changing multiple hands
  • Increasing complexity of operations and dependency on third parties
  • Failure to managing data privacy due to high attrition rate and poor awareness among employees and management
  • Lack of breach notification / communication process
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