Cyber Security for Law Firms

75% of law firms visited reported having been the victims of a cyber attack

The wealth of sensitive and confidential data law firms hold make them prime targets for cyber criminals, hacktivists and other threat actors.

Law firms need to have a strong security posture as any breach could be devastating financially but perhaps more importantly reputationally.

The number of attacks against law firms has increased more than 60% in the last two years, highlighting the need for them to be more prepared for the possibility of an attack.

For law firms' reputation is everything. They need confidence and trust from their clients, so cyber-attacks that expose sensitive data have the potential to be disastrous. This need for confidentiality is the main reason that law firms are looking to improve their cybersecurity; if they are seen as a target for criminals, they need to also have the defences in place to protect themselves.


of law firms have been the victims of a cyber attack


of law firms have no cyber security policies in place


of law firms have a full security assessment

Cyber Challenges Facing Law Firms

  • Lack of available cybersecurity professionals
  • Business email compromise attacks
  • Increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals
  • Increased activity from hacktivists

Cyber Risk Assurance Guide

9 Steps to improve the risk posture of your organisation

17 Years of Law Firm Cyber Security Experience

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