Cyber Security for Transportation

Transportation is a big target for hackers and cyber criminals due to its increasing use of technology.

A cyber-attack on a transportation business can be devastating, not just for the victim but for entire supply chains and transit networks with consequences for local and national economies

From railways to lorries to shipping the threat posed to the transportation sector has grown sharply in recent years.

Transportation is a big target for hackers and cyber criminals due to its increasing use of technology to streamline costs and travel times. This technology uses a wealth of data that makes them particularly appetizing and the well-publicised fact that many transportation organisations are rushing to keep up in the tech race makes them particularly vulnerable.


year-over-year increase in weekly ransomware attacks was experienced by the global transport sector since June 2020


of UK transport organisations have detected cyber-attacks on their Operational Technology (OT) or Industrial Controls


of transport organisations rely on OT systems that are between 6-20 years old

Cyber Challenges Facing Transportation

  • Third Party and Just in Time Supply chains are vital to Transportation but introduce another layer of vulnerability to every company.
  • Ransomware poses a major risk to the transportation sector due to the sheer amount of disruption it can cause and the low levels of employee cyber awareness in the industry.
  • Legacy transportation systems interface with public applications for ticketing and scheduling and rely on networked devices for routing, positioning, tracking, and navigation presenting multiple potential entry points for hackers.
  • In addition to service interruptions, cybercrime can also impact daily operations and result in the exposure of sensitive data.
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‘Between June of 2020 and June of 2021, the transportation industry witnessed a 186% increase in weekly ransomware attacks’


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