Cyber Security for Retail

Ecommerce and brick-and-mortar shops are tasked with securing hundreds or thousands of transactions on a daily basis. At every chance they can, hackers are trying to break into their systems and encrypted traffic to profit from a poor security posture.

Ecommerce has exploded in popularity thanks to the rise of the digital age and most recently during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The retail industry remains a hotspot for cyber criminal activity given the amount of sensitive personal information it holds on customers.

Revenue is increasing as companies make it easier for consumers to shop. At the same time, the confidence that customers have in these digital transactions have given way to cyber criminals targeting the industry for a quick and easy payday. Never has there been more of a requirement for cyber security in the retail industry.


of incidents in retail
are financially motivated


days average time to identify
and contain a breach in retail


$ the average cost of a data
breach in retail in 2021

Retail has become the industry that never sleeps and no retailer can afford downtime, be it in their physical stores or their 24x7 online stores. With digital transformation unavoidable, protecting online systems through cyber security in the retail industry is of the utmost importance as industry trends move transactions to a more web-focused infrastructure.

Cyber Threats Facing Retail

Dependency on supply chain is of crucial importance to retailers who need to ensure security, availability and overall low risk is maintained. Adding to that, protecting personal consumer information is vital to avoiding a data breach and reputational damage.

Our experienced security teams help protect retail clients from a barrage of cyber threats on a daily basis, allowing them to continue operations without the worry or fear of an interruption to service.

  • DDoS
  • Web application attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Additional Design Budget
  • Phishing
  • PoS compromise

Understanding Retail

Integrity360 works with a variety of well-established multinational retail corporations, ensuring that their operation stay running and consumer data stays protected.

Contact us today to discuss your challenges.

Verizon 2021 Report
Retail Findings


725 incidents
165 with confirmed data disclosure

Top Patterns

System Intrusion, Social Engineers and Basic Web Application Attacks 77% of breaches.

Threat Actors

External - 84%
Internal - 17%
Partner - 1%
Multiple Breaches - 2%

Actor Motives

Financial - 99%
Espionage - 1%

Data Compromised

Personal - 42%
Payment - 41%
Credentials - 33%
Other - 16%

Top Controls

Security Awareness and Skills Training (14) Secure Configuration of Enterprise Assets and Software (4)
Access Control Management (6)

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