Managed Digital Risk Protection

Augment existing cyber security controls by addressing the visibility gap of digital threats outside of the corporate perimeter. 

With data everywhere, companies are constantly being exposed to new digital risks, but frequently lack the visibility, expertise, and resource to effectively manage, prioritise and remediate them.

Threats manifest not just within an organisation’s boundary but across the entire digital ecosystem, including the open, deep, and dark web. Tailored and industry-specific managed digital risk protection allows organisations to quickly understand and act on their external exposure and minimise digital risk.

How it works

The Integrity360 service wrap, in partnership with Digital Shadows, delivers a leading Threat Intelligence and Digital Risk Protection service that provides a proactive approach to the threats you can’t easily see on the surface, deep, and dark web.

The methodology consists of four key stages:




Identify and configure an unlimited number of key assets to be monitored, including include domains, brands, company names, IP Ranges, document markings, DLP identifiers, social media pages, handles, hashtags, mobile apps and bank identification numbers. 



Monitor open web, deep web, and dark web for any digital exposure of key assets.



Identify the level of risk presented by the exposure to prioritise remediation.

Mitigate 2



Take action, provide context, and protect with Searchlight portal, managed takedown options, response playbooks and enforcement.

Primary use cases

Data Leakage Detection
  • Marked Documents
  • Customer Details
  • Employee credentials
Brand Protection
  • Impersonating domains
  • Phishing Sites
  • Spoof Social Media profiles
  • Spoof Mobile apps
Attack Surface Reduction
  • Exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Certificate Issues
  • Open ports
  • Misconfigured devices
Dark Web Monitoring
  • Accounts for sale
  • Mentioned by Threat Actor
  • Phishing kits
Threat Intelligence
  • Threat actor profiles / tracking
  • Intelligence Incidents
  • Supplier / Vendor monitoring
Technical Leakage Detection
  • Exposed Access Keys
  • Unauthorised code commit
  • Source code

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24/7/365 continuous monitoring of threat intelligence-related threats for customers explained


Managed Digital Risk Protection Services extend your line of sight to maximise your cyber capabilities; successfully detect and respond to security threats that exist outside the traditional corporate environment.

  • 24x7 monitoring of open, deep, and dark web; supporting unlimited assets and users
  • Major threat advisories and industry specific alerting with tailored actionable insight
  • Access to industry-leading security analysts and threat intelligence experts
  • Effective filtration of noise and false positives to reduce time to resolve security incidents
  • Enables implementation of security best practice and informs on security strategy and investment requirements
  • Relieve pressure on internal security resources
  • Unlimited SearchLight online portal accounts for instant access to the latest intelligence on threat actors, exploits, criminal campaigns and tactics

Where we monitor



Surface web

The part of the Internet that is visible and searchable via standard search engines

Deep web

Internet content that is not searchable by standard search engines

Dark web

Websites on the Deep Web that have hidden IP addresses and may require specific software to access, such as TOR browser


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A New Approach to Managing External Risks in the Online Ecosystem



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Our Qualifications

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At our request, Integrity360 stepped up brilliantly to respond to a cyber incident at a non-profit organisation, who had approached us seeking assistance. The team remedied a very serious situation and we thank the team at Integrity360 for demonstrating the power of the ecosystem.

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