There have never been more options available for cyber security technology experts to protect their business’ digital infrastructure.

An abundance of solutions has led to many organisations not knowing how or where to start – much less have a great understanding of where the finish line is. Every tool and service is billed as being essential, making it difficult to parse out the security measures that have the greatest impact in protecting the network and users from malicious threat actors.


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A craftsman is only as good as his or her tools. Luckily, businesses have access to a wide range of cyber security solutions and next-generation technologies to fend off cyber-attacks from hackers and cybercriminals. Integrity360 works closely with world-class vendors to help clients identify, implement and operate the security platforms that can help your business fend off unique threats.

Prevent Cyber Attacks

Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to breach companies' digital infrastructures and craft successful phishing campaigns. It's leading to a sharp uptick in businesses that suffer cyber security incidents and a high volume of records floating around on the Dark Web.


Cyber security tools in areas like data security, endpoint security and threat and vulnerability management help organisations develop comprehensive protection against new and emerging cyber-attacks. They play a pivotal role in identifying and alerting key personnel of attempts to infiltrate the network before it's too late.

Monitor the Network

Everyday millions of interactions on the network take place at small and large organisations alike. Hidden in those logs are clues to a live or impending cyber-attack. But by the time that security analysts get to see those suspect events - if they even notice them at all - the damage is often already done.

Security Monitoring and Analytics tools play a key role in helping businesses sift through traffic logs to spot abnormalities, identify false-positives and escalate security incidents to the right people. Without them, companies are flying blind against skilled cyber-attackers.

Real Time Protection

Employees clock out at the end of the day; hackers rarely do. Where antivirus used to be enough, now it's just a baseline. Protecting the business from cyber-attacks is a 24x7x365 job and the latest cyber security tools and technologies help organisations do just that.

A series of developments in key cyber security technologies are allowing businesses to actively protect their digital infrastructures at all hours of the day, receive alerts in real-time and investigate incidents in record speed. It's leading to quicker incident isolation and remediation times and keeping companies safer.

78% of organisations use more than 50 discrete cybersecurity products to address security issues. – Oracle Cloud Threat Report 2020

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Integrity 360 are very professional in their knowledge and execution of cyber security. They are also very encouraging of customers to upskill in cyber security to allow them understand better, what can be a very complex and fast moving area.

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Our team of analysts hold over a dozen certifications and years of experience in discovering, investigating and remediating client vulnerabilities.