Managed Varonis Data Security Service

The Managed Varonis Data Security Service offers centralised data access management, linking together on-premises and cloud systems to provide a single view of where unstructured data lives.

The ability to effectively protect and secure data from both internal and external threats is becoming an increasingly complex task

Organisations receive, manage, share, and store huge volumes of data, and the ability to effectively protect and secure this data from both internal and external threats is becoming an increasingly complex task.

Many businesses struggle to answer the simplest questions: Where is my data? What data is classified? Who has access to it? Integrity360’s managed data security solution, powered by the market-leading Varonis platform, delivers automated data security, connecting the dots between users, data, and apps to stop threats and eliminate exposure.

How the Managed Varonis Data Security Service works

Built on Varonis’ market-leading Data Security Platform, Integrity 360’s Managed Data Security Service provides a flexible, comprehensive solution to protect and manage access to your data.

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The Metadata Framework—the patented technology that powers the Varonis Data Security Platform - connects to the systems where important data lives (on-premises and cloud data sources), apps, user directories and network devices. 

It collects, enriches, normalises, correlates and

analyses metadata across all these systems to build a model of the entire environment, which allows for environment-wide change simulation, implementation and roll-back, while focusing on three key elements: data sensitivity, data access permissions and data access activity.

The Integrity360 Service

The Integrity360 service is a modular managed service offering that scales in line with your data security requirements, providing 24x7 management and security monitoring for your Varonis estate, continuous enhancement, and unparalleled visibility of everything that happens to your data.

The modular service consists of:


Varonis Platform Support and Management

24x7 health monitoring, support, and maintenance for Varonis infrastructure, including regular patching and updates.


Data Security Core Service

Data sources and directory integration. Data discovery, classification, analysis and labelling for unstructured data on-prem and in the cloud.


Data Access Add On

Managing permissions, privileged accounts, applying least privilege, and remediating overexposed classified data.


Data Governance Add On

Managing data retention policies; automated data quarantine; deleting and archiving policies. Onboarding data owners and enabling DSAR fulfilment across all sources.


Managed Detection and Response

24x7 SOC providing alerts, triage, and incident investigation, with manual or automated responses and integration with our SOAR platform.

Managed Varonis Data Security Service Brochure

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A Managed Data Security Service that delivers a comprehensive, cost-effective, and scalable data-centric security solution to reduce your blast radius; detect and stops threats; and streamline compliance.
  • 24x7 security incident alerts, investigation, analysis, and management
  • Award-winning, dedicated SOC with highly skilled and experienced security analysts
  • Zero-Trust data security model
  • Simplify compliance via data discovery and classification, privacy regulation auditing and automated DSARs
  • Platform configuration and management, policy management, and leading operational support
  • Eliminate ransomware, APTs and insider threats with continuous detection and response
  • MDR Integration option and remediation services


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At our request, Integrity360 stepped up brilliantly to respond to a cyber incident at a non-profit organisation, who had approached us seeking assistance. The team remedied a very serious situation and we thank the team at Integrity360 for demonstrating the power of the ecosystem.

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