Threat & Vulnerability Management

Over 33 vulnerabilities were reported every day last year. Each one represents an avenue inside a company's network for a cyber criminal.

Email, digital conferences and social media; software is inescapable. They're quickly becoming a way for hackers to launch cyber-attacks.

Threat and Vulnerability Management solutions give instant visibility into software, hardware and digital infrastructure so that you can identify where you might be vulnerable.

Use it to learn what you need to patch and how to protect yourselves during patching.  Continuously secure your infrastructure and maintain compliance in the face of tight regulations.

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Benefits of Threat & Vulnerability Management

One vulnerability left unchecked can wreak havoc on your network. It can give cybercriminals the open door they need to gain a foothold, exfiltrate data and cause damage to your business.

Threat and Vulnerability Management solutions play a vital role in aligning with best practice frameworks and serve as an essential component of an effective cyber security strategy.  When choosing a solution, make sure you choose the most robust solution with the best support.

  • Real-time overview of vulnerabilities
  • Reduce your exposure
  • Mitigated risk from exploitation
  • Maintain compliance no matter what industry
  • Quicker patching times
  • Improved oversight of network

Vulnerability Management Guide

Our expert teams can manage this technology for you 24x7 as part of our award winning Managed Security Services.


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CIS Controls list Continuous Vulnerability Management as #3 basic control to continuously acquire, assess, and take action on new information in order to identify vulnerabilities, remediate, and minimize the window of opportunity for attackers.

Centre for Internet Security

To keep up with today’s onslaught of vulnerabilities you need to have systems in place to regularly scan for vulnerabilities and threats both within your networkIT infrastructure and externally. Our teams can advise on the best solution to fit your needs including:   

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Asset Discovery
  • Attack Simulation
  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Threat Hunting
  • Patching and Remediation