Cyber Security for Hospitality

The estimated cost of a data breach in the hospitality sector was $3.03 million, marking a 76.2% increase from the previous year.

The estimated cost of a data breach in the hospitality sector was $3.03 million.

This marks a 76.2% increase from the previous year and makes the cost of a data breach in hospitality one of the fastest-growing increases across all industries.


Nearly one-third of hospitality businesses have experienced a breach


of hospitality businesses have experienced more than one cyber-attack per year


was the estimated cost of a data breach in the global hospitality sector in 2022

There have been several high-profile cyber-attacks against the hospitality sector in recent years that have caused the victims significant financial loss and reputational damage. Customers are everything to the industry so not being able to secure sensitive customer data can be particularly harmful. 

The hospitality sector has also rushed to embrace digital technology, a process hastened by the Covid-19 pandemic that in some cases has left it exposed to cyber criminals and other threat actors.


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Cyber Challenges Facing Hospitality

  • Hospitality businesses are 19% more likely to offer online payment options and utilize network connected devices than other types of businesses making them vulnerable to cyber attack
  • Hotels and other hospitality businesses are particularly at risk from their internal networks, which accounts for 64% of all attacks. Public facing Wi-Fi routers and connected point of sale devices are favoured targets of cyber criminals.
  • Hospitality businesses are less likely to prioritise cyber security than other industries or sectors.
  • A high staff turnover rate combined with low levels of employee cyber awareness
  • Third-party risks – many hospitality businesses rely on large networks of third-party suppliers, all sources of potential risk

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