Threat Modelling

A reusable process for managing cyber threats specifically related to your organisation

Understand who is likely to attack your orgnaisation, how and why the attack could occur

Threat Modelling is a next-generation cyber security defence that allows an organisation to understand their level of threat exposure.

Threat Modelling consists of a series of workshops to identify high-risk threat vectors facing your organisation, map out detective and preventive defences in place to mitigate those threats, and perform gap analysis to prioritise remediation activities.

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Questions Answered During Threat Modelling

  • What information is likely to be targeted?
  • Who is likely to attack?
  • Why will they attack and what are their objectives?
  • How will the attack occur?
  • How can the threat likelihood and impact be minimised?
  • What’s my level of threat exposure?
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The results and outcomes of the report are perfect and management was extremely pleased with the work. The report looks great! 

Head of ICT Cyber Security and Networks Asset Management client

Threat Modelling Deliverables

  • Provide a frame upon which threat intelligence can be established
  • Enable better control of threats which are increasing in number and sophistication, and identify motivation of threat actors that can damage your key assets/crown jewels
  • Establish a contextual baseline based on geography and industry for understanding the actors
  • Enable understanding of more advanced cyber-attacks whereby preventive controls are no longer seen as an effective defence
  • Map threats on cyber kill chain to demonstrate the attack process
  • Calculate your cyber incident preparedness index/threat score using a sustainable threat modelling approach
  • Assess the overall effectiveness of your current cyber defence/tools and benchmark with industry peers
  • Assist in identifying threat mitigation measures for major threats in your organisation’s context
  • Assist in building your overall cyber security strategy and provide direction to drive cyber defence programs focusing on identification, detection and response throughout the lifecycle of an attack

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