Cyber Security for Manufacturing

More than two in five (42%) of UK manufacturers have been a victim of cybercrime

Manufacturing companies are increasingly reliant on digital technology making them vulnerable to cyber criminals and other threat actors.

This increasing use of the internet and digital technologies has now made the manufacturing sector one of the most viable targets for cybercrime and one of the most vulnerable too.

Due to the rapid adoption of new technologies many manufacturing companies have struggled to recruit cyber security specialists and encourage good cyber hygiene practices among employees. As we’ve seen in recent years manufacturers are particularly vulnerable to ransomware where such an attack can be devastating for production, finances and reputations.


of manufacturing and production organisations were hit by ransomware in 2021


of manufacturing companies experienced an attack on their cloud infrastructure within the last 12 months.


of manufacturers cited legacy software as their biggest cyber security concern

Cyber Challenges Facing Manufacturers

  • The increasing overlap of information technology and operational technology often leaves gaps in cyber security
  • The cyber skills shortage impacts the number of cyber security professionals working within the sector
  • Increased use of IoT devices increases the threat landscape
  • Manufacturers are particularly vulnerable to ransomware attacks
  • A general lack of cyber awareness across all levels of a company

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