Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

What sets Integrity360 apart is our excellent team of people that drive the business forward. The company was founded with a focus on technical expertise and that philosophy remains today. The skills and experience in the company are some of the greatest in the industry and clients remain with us because they can rely on and trust us to go above and beyond to ensure their needs are met.


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Our Approach

All of the growth and success our business has seen since 2005 has been down to the excellent team of people that make up the company. We take a very long time in matching new individuals to the company ethos - we are passionate about what we do, so too must any new recruits.

We are committed to making Integrity360 a great place to work. This includes providing world class training, continuous career development, flexible work practices and a wide range of initiatives to promote a better work/life balance. Find out why you should consider a career with Integrity360.

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Hear what our staff have to say

There is a lot of opportunity in Integrity360 with the company growing at such an exponential rate. All kinds of responsibility is given to you if you have ambition to ask and take it.

Niall Bulger, Account Manager

You feel part of something. You are part of a growing company and you can take responsibility and contribute to the change and the growth.

Sarp Agim, Security Consultant

From working in the industry, I knew the excellent reputation that Integrity360 had. For me it was a company of choice and it presented a great opportunity for me to specialise in an area that I had a real love for. I knew that Integrity360 was the correct choice for me as they had a wealth of knowledge, expertise and second to none track record. They were and still are the market leader in their field.

Mark Donnelly, Security Consultant

Integrity360 hires people from all around the world, with different backgrounds, different cultures, and we all work and learn together. Relocating from Brazil, this was important to me.

Felipe Martins, Security Consultant

I learn something new every day. I learn from my colleagues and clients. I learn from projects I am assign to work on and clients I interact with. I feel like I can upskill myself and grow my knowledge and area of expertise. I am not afraid to share my knowledge and provide my opinion. Everyone’s work is appreciated and everyone always finds time to chat.

Barbara Pires, Cyber Risk and Assurance Manager