Cyber Security for Media

Three in 10 media vendors are susceptible to compromise due to vulnerabilities that can be detected through internet exposure

As a fast moving and technologically advanced industry, the media and entertainment sector is a prime target for cyber criminals, hacktivists, and other threat actors.

Cyber-attacks can have devastating consequences, including lost data, disrupted operations, stolen intellectual property, and embarrassing leaks. Protecting against these threats is crucial to maintaining the smooth functioning and success of the media and entertainment industry. Don’t let a cyber-attack derail your business – prioritise cyber security now.


upwards is the expected worldwide cost of video piracy for media providers


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Cyber Challenges Facing the Media Industry

Content Security

Content is the lifeblood of the media and entertainment industry and is a key intellectual property. Music, video, movies, video games and unfinished material such as scripts and other content that never gets used also need to be protected. Stolen, leaked and pirated content has a huge impact on a media outlet's bottom line and reputation

The need to protect customer data

Media companies also host ample customer data that is a valuable target for hackers. Streaming companies, cinema chains, and all businesses that handle customer data also need to be aware of regulations such as GDPR and the Payment Card Industry Software Security Framework. Media companies need to be able to demonstrate that they are compliant with regulations wherever they operate.

The need to provide an uninterrupted and secure customer experience

With media relying heavily on technology to provide customer experiences they rely on cloud-based services, IoT services and other technology services they cannot afford interruptions. A poor customer experience can negatively impact a media company’s reputation and finances dramatically.

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