Managed Firewall

A firewall and the strategy behind it has traditionally been a set-it-and-forget-it model. Deploy it, define its policies and then shift the focus to other high-visibility cyber security platforms through our Managed Firewall service.

Almost everyone knows what a firewall is, but few people know how to get the most value from it.

Times change, cyber security threats change and, most importantly, firewalls change. All firewalls have now introduced next-generation features offering Advanced Threat Prevention that greatly enhance a company’s security posture by covering an expansive attack surface and protecting against ever-evolving threats. Yet, given the lack of security analysts available across most industries, businesses have largely struggled to take advantage of these capabilities. Our Managed Firewall Service is the answer.

Integrity360 Managed Next Generation Firewall eBook

Next-Generation Firewall eBook

Our eBook explores how you can benefit from consolidating best-practice implementation and ongoing monitoring and management of your firewall platform into a 24x7x365 managed service.

How It Works

A managed firewall service consolidates best-practice implementation and ongoing monitoring and management of your firewall platform into a 24x7x365 service. Experts can:

  • Continuously monitor the firewall in the event of an incident.
  • Develop and deploy policies that block malicious traffic.
  • Implement perimeter tools to dynamically assess, classify and block unknown threats.

Talk To An Security Specialist

Get in touch to arrange a call with a security specialist to discuss your unique challenges and needs.

Benefits of a Managed Firewall

Managed firewall service helps businesses get the most out of their investments and improve their security postures along the way. It allows experts to leverage the next-generation features that are commonly ignored but carry immense value.

  • Continuous policy tuning
  • Best-in-class security controls
  • Scalable to fit any strategy
  • Get actionable threat intelligence
  • Prove compliance within industry audits
  • Cost-effective licensing model
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The service from Integirty360 is always professional and responsive. As with many companies, the change in requirements and working patterns caused by Covid-19 has played a major factor in how we access the network, and has required rapid resolution to issues. Integrity360 were able to assist with the rapid procurement and deployment of new firewall infrastructure, with minimal downtime to our end users. 

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