Vulnerability Management Services

Each month there’s an endless parade of vulnerabilities, with the next exploit being classified as more critical than the previous one.

Continuously identifying the seemingly endless stream of vulnerabilities, reacting to them and managing emerging vulnerabilities are challenges that most businesses face.

With a lag time in-between discovery and remediation, organisations need to have robust controls that allow them to rapidly identify affected systems and implement mitigating controls in the interim until a patch is released.

Meet four of the six basic controls in the CIS Top 20 through a combination of continuous vulnerability scanning, on-going assessments and actionable vulnerability insights

How It Works

Vulnerability management services play a key role in a well-functioning cyber security strategy by covering a variety of compliance requirements and protecting the business from the legal and reputational risks associated with a security incident. This is achieved by:

  • Identifying the physical and digital assets in the corporate digital estate.
  • Prioritising and implementing mitigations for vulnerabilities in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner, or ideally remediating them through patching.
  • Dedicating resources to continuously scan, identify and interpret vulnerability findings.

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Benefits of a Vulnerability Management Services

Vulnerability management can’t be an activity that’s taken on every once in a blue moon. When taken on in a continuous role, organisations can vastly improve their security posture against emerging threats.

  • Proactive, ongoing threat scanning
  • Continuous remediation of vulnerabilities
  • Scalable to fit any strategy
  • Prove compliance within industry audits
  • Maintain compliance
  • Cost-effective licensing model
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Our approach to implementing and operating vulnerability management strictly follows best practice, which has to start with the initial deployment, on-boarding and service setup. This is where our experience really shows though, working collaboratively with customers to understand their environment and requirement, and then design a scanning strategy, process and deployment to enable full visibility of enterprise assets, vulnerability exposure and reporting for repeatable security improvement.

Brian Martin, Director of Product Integrity360

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