Compromise Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of whether your environment has been compromised from a cyber security perspective.

Our Compromise Assessment service provides insight, direction and remediation advice if it the environment has been compromised, or a clean bill of health if it has not.

Enterprise-wide data is collected and analysed for evidence of suspicious activity. Indicators of compromise (IOCs) are prioritised for in-depth investigation based on the risks they pose to the client’s network environment and business operations.

If evidence of a past breach is discovered, our experts can determine when, where, and how it occurred, and provide recommendations for preventing a recurrence. If a breach is currently in progress, the team can transition into incident response.

Benefits of Compromise Assessment

  • Identify past or current breaches
  • Proactively prevent future breaches
  • Gained peace of mind from an IR expert review of your environment
  • Prove ‘clean bill of health’ to interested parties
  • Reduce risk and show evidence of due diligence



Network Logs Assessment

Network Logs Assessment

Endpoints Assessment

Endpoints Assessment (EDR)

Cloud Logs Assessment

Cloud Logs Assessment

Dark Web

Dark Web / Brand Abuse search and review

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence led Threat Hunt

Report and Recommendations

Comprehensive report with recommendations

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Know if an attacker already has a foothold in your network

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Our Qualifications

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At our request, Integrity360 stepped up brilliantly to respond to a cyber incident at a non-profit organisation, who had approached us seeking assistance. The team remedied a very serious situation and we thank the team at Integrity360 for demonstrating the power of the ecosystem.

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Have I Been Compromised?

If you are unsure if you have been breached and want reassurance by doing a complete review of your environment to identify evidence of compromise speak to us about arranging a compromise assessment today.