Cyber Security for Construction

The Construction sector has a cyber security risk score of 39, a figure higher than financial services, energy and government. How vulnerable is your business?

Modern construction methods are reliant on digital connectivity and cyber security is a growing challenge

Modern construction methods utilise digital connectivity; across the construction supply chain to facilitate accurate collaboration and ‘on site’ as performance, progress, logistics, health & safety and sustainability are all monitored in real time. As a result, cyber security is a growing challenge for the construction sector.

1 in 6

construction firms reported a ransomware attack in 2020-2021


is the risk score of the Construction sector, higher than financial services, energy and government – Hiscox, Cyber Readiness Report 2022


of construction business decision-makers are reliant on technology

Cyber Challenges Facing Construction Firms

  • The Construction industry’s late adoption of technology has put it under threat as lower investment in security infrastructure makes it a target for cyber criminals seeking easy targets.
  • The way Construction works sees projects delivered over a wide network of businesses, suppliers and workers spread across multiple locations.
  • As the industry becomes more data rich the more appealing a target it becomes. The more data points, the more possible points of failure.
  • Construction is made up of many SMEs, making the risk higher due to lack of cyber security investment and skills.

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Your Guide to 2023: Cyber Security in an Ever-Changing World

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“Attacks on organizations in critical infrastructure sectors have increased dramatically, from less than 10 in 2013 to almost 400 in 2020 — a 3,900% increase”

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‘1 in 6 construction firms is hit by ransomware every year’