Connect360 is a purpose-built resource placement service, designed to help our clients to find and place highly skilled technical resources in your business for the specific length of time they are needed.

Our Service

With over 16 years’ experience in the cyber security industry Integrity360 has a wealth of experience in finding high calibre resources and delivering on a broad range of projects for clients. You simply choose what type of resource you need, what skills and for how long you need them, and we do the rest. 


How We Do It

The Connect360 team works closely with organisations to understand their requirements and find them the best fit for their role. Before a candidate is considered for an engagement Integrity360 technical experts carry out a comprehensive validation of their qualifications, skills and experience.

All aspects of the placement are managed by the Connect360 team including interviewing, shortlisting candidates, and ensuring that the correct documentation is in place before the engagement commences.

How You Benefit

Technically Validated Resources

All resources are technically validated by Integrity360 experts in the relevant field, ensuring that they have the skills and expertise you require.

Time Saving

We manage all elements of the resource engagement, saving you countless hours sourcing and interviewing candidates.

Large Pool of Talent 

Leveraging our 16 years’ experience in the industry and our vast network of security professionals, we have the contacts to source you a high-calibre resource quickly.

Flexibility to Scale

Using this service you get the flexibility to choose what resources you need and for how long depending on your project and business requirements.

"So many people are finding it hard to find skilled and experienced resources, especially in the security space. Unlike traditional recruitment companies, we have an excellent understanding of the skills and experience that are required to undertake a project or role in this industry. Not only that, we have the network of contacts to fill the gaps that you have, quickly and with a high calibre of resource who have been tested by their expert peers before being shortlisted to you. It’s for this reason that our placement success rate is so high."

Julien Fraser, Resource Development Manager, Connect360


Why choose this service over a recruitment company?

A recruitment company can’t do what we do. We have over 100 highly skilled technical staff that carry our technical interviews of shortlisted candidates before we present a CV to our clients. This is something that recruitment companies do not have at their disposal. Our placed resources have been technically vetted by some of the best in the industry before they are placed. This is done before the client looks at a CV so it frees up so much valuable time for hiring managers knowing that due diligence has been completed in advance.

What is your process for finding the right resource?

Our resource development consultants have a vast network of resources in this field. They have excellent relationships with high calibre resources who they can approach, depending on the requirements of your request. Once shortlisted, these resources go through a structured interview process with Integrity360 technical experts in order to ensure they are suitably skilled for the position. Once a shortlist has been validated, they will be presented to the client for review and sign off.

Does the placement company get involved in the process?

We will always meet face-to-face first with our clients to fully understand their resource requirements. We then work on finding a shortlist of 2-3 candidates suitable for the position. Our security experts interview and technically vet this shortlist before they are presented to the client for hiring. At this stage, 90% of the process is completed before we involve the client again for review.

What if I’m not happy with the shortlist?

If you are not happy with the shortlist we will again sit down to fully understand where we went wrong and then start the process again. We are confident in our process and have yet to re-evaluate our selected candidates after shortlist.

What type of roles do you fill?

Our expertise is in information security but with the vast array of skill sets we have in-house we can also help in all areas of Infrastructure and in Project Management.

How long do the resource positions last?

Resources can be requested for anything from 6-24 months depending on the client’s gap. Some requirements are project specific and others are time specific to provide cover over busy/holiday periods.We would advise against anything under 6 months as the highly skilled calibre of resources will always give preference to medium to long term engagements.

Is there a limit to the number of contract roles you can fill at one time?

No, we can facilitate as many roles as required. With our vast network of candidates and our technical team of over 100 we can assess a large number of candidates in the timeframe that is given to us.

How long does it take to source a resource?

On average, it takes 5-7 working days from the initial engagement meeting with our client to the signing of the resource contract. This timeframe depends on the type of resources and skills that are requested and the timeframe of the project. Our resource development consultants manage all timeline expectations with our clients and keep them updated of progress throughout the process. In one specific instant, our client had a role open for over 5 months before engaging with Connect360. Following an initial meeting with the client, we were able to secure them a suitable resource within 5 days.