Managed Detection and Response

When defences fail, too many organisations find they are not equipped to respond.
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Organisations struggle to rapidly detect and limit the impact of threats that have bypassed network and endpoint defences.

Preventative measures alone are no longer sufficient. Managed Detection and Response services go beyond traditional Security Monitoring and Threat Detection, providing rapid response and containment of threats that have bypassed preventative controls across networks, endpoints and cloud, hence delivering improved security outcomes for clients.


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MDR is one of the most effective ways to manage modern threats.  Our new eBook goes through the problems it solves, service use cases, next-generation approaches and more.

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  • Rapid response and containment of critical threats – reduced meantime to detection and response
  • Reduced load on enterprise security teams
  • Ability to detect and respond effectively across network, endpoints, and on-premise and hybrid cloud estates covering IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Access to skills pool and shared knowledge across diverse environments
  • Economies of scale in our operations passed on to clients
  • 24x7 coverage and avoidance of single-person dependencies
  • Access to strong technology expertise
  • Reduced complexity and single pane of glass for visibility of threats and their responses
  • Defined security outcomes and priority business risk reduction

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How it Works

Managed Detection and Response Services need to be aligned with an organisation’s prime risk requirements, whether they be related to Data Theft, Availability, Hactivism, Compliance, or other relevant risks. The key risks to mitigate depend on the nature and profile of the organisation concerned.

The MDR service methodology works as follows:

  • Identify your key risk mitigation and outcome-based requirements
  • Identify and deploy detection and response use cases to mitigate those risks
  • Use client technology stack where available and augment where needed to identify and mitigate key risks across endpoints, network, cloud or wherever the risks manifest
  • Deliver the detection and response service 24x7
  • Continuously evolve and improve use cases around the evolving risk and threat landscape
  • Create breathing space for enterprise security teams through delivery of continuous reporting and visibility and incident engagement that is consumable, aligned with internal business processes, is real-time, enables two-way collaboration and eliminates noise
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MDR services offer turnkey threat detection and response via modern, remotely delivered, 24/7 security operations center capabilities and technology. Security and risk management leaders should use this research to determine whether MDR is a good fit with their operational security requirements.

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