Our consultants will analyse your existing infrastructure and make recommendations on what we feel is the best solution for your environment and on any issues your organisation may be experiencing.

We provide assistance in the form of value added workshops at the planning stage of any project in order to design the best solution and identify any potential issues that may be encountered with the deployment.

The required functionality of your security posture, the deployment methodology and any risks that are involved to your business will be discussed and any limitations or assumptions will be identified and clarified. Timelines and expectations of the project will also be noted in a succinct project plan.

We understand that each project is unique and so we take into account the size of the company, network, complexity and your organisations security policies and together decide on the best fit for your requirements.

  • Examine your current information security profile or business requirements

  • Document existing gaps, risks and vulnerabilities

  • Define the issues to be addressed, determine the scope of the work and identify the goals

  • After assessing the current threats, we encourage you to be as involved as possible in the design stage of the solution.

  • A configuration matrix document will be produced based on the discussion from the analysis phase, which will include a summary of the requirements and scope of the project.

  • We will plan, organise and manage the transition between solutions and communicate our progress at each stage.

  • Our consultants and engineers will then design a system that brings together world-class technologies to create a tailored solution to match your individual needs.

  • Our system designers will incorporate any existing technologies, processes and procedures you wish to retain and streamline the interaction between them. A project plan will be produced with timelines and milestones listed, which will be delivered to the client for signoff before the system is built.