One of the most popular enterprise tools in the world can also be a company’s greatest hidden vulnerability if left unchecked. 

Office 365 revolutionises how businesses operate, allowing employees to share information and workflows instantaneously through the cloud. Given the type of sensitive information stored on SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange, it also makes the web service a high-value target for attackers. 

Our Office 365 security assessment is broken down into two categories: pre-migration and post-migration. The pre-migration assessment helps companies plan a security-driven Office 365 deployment strategy and adhere to industry best practices. The post-migration service allows enterprises to identify gaps in their security architecture to uncover potential cyber security risks and align administrative configurations with respected standards. 

Assess your Office 365 security strategy 

Microsoft gives enterprises the tools they need to manage and improve their security posture, but many companies – both new to, and experienced with Office 365 – fail to take full advantage of them. This leaves the business susceptible to crippling ransomware and phishing cyber-attacks. 

Integrity360’s expertise in cloud security and close involvement with the threat intelligence community enables our professionals to conduct Office 365 security assessments with the objective of aligning a company’s security posture with widely accepted best practices. 

Integrity360 experts: 

  • Evaluate Office 365 usage or estimated workload within your company to assign a secure score rating
  • Assess current or potential vulnerabilities via various cyber-attack vectors and default configurations
  • Recommend a targeted approach that remediates either currently exploitable risks or vulnerabilities that spawn from the migration process
  • Carry out the recommended action items alongside your own team. 

Benefits of an Office 365 security assessment 

Office 365 is a powerful driver of productivity across the workforce in the right hands, but a potential liability under weak management. Businesses must continuously assess their risk posture concerning the cloud-based platform to ensure sensitive information is protected against emerging threats. 

Integrity360’s Office 365 security assessment provides companies with: 

  • An overview of the risks Office 365 poses to the business’ security infrastructure
  • The latest tools and techniques to defend the network from evolving attacks
  • A strategy to align Office 365 administrative configurations with standard best practices
  • The confidence that sensitive information is protected

Empowering employees with the latest innovative technology and keeping enterprise assets safe from hackers aren’t mutually exclusive. Hosting data on the cloud comes with its fair share of benefits, and just as many challenges. 

Securing this data is a critical responsibility that organisations can achieve by working in tandem with Microsoft, and through taking full advantage of the security tools at their disposal.

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