Quick facts about the rebrand 

  1. Integrity Solutions is now Integrity360.
  2. Our new name reflects our complete service offering and our holistic approach to your security. 
  3. Our logo, our name and our colours have changed. Apart from that, we’re still the same ‘Integrity’ that you’ve always known and loved. 
  4. Our team, our values, our culture and our vision remains unchanged. We’ll continue with the same client focused approach that we’ve always had. 


Why the rebrand? 

The Integrity Solutions brand was established in 2005 when there were three people in the company and one client. Today, with over 100 employees and over 200 clients both the company and the industry have evolved. So too must the brand. 

While the Integrity Solutions brand has served us well this far, we felt that it no longer truly reflected who we are and what we do. Today, security is about so much more than just products and our business is about much more than solutions. Technology has become more sophisticated, security has advanced and our business has evolved with it. We wanted our brand to reflect that. 

We'd like to introduce you to Integrity360, the largest IT security specialist in Ireland and the fastest growing in the UK. The new name reflects the 360 degree complete IT security service that we offer. 

Why now? 

Integrity360 celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Over the last ten years, the company has enjoyed significant growth and this is something we are immensely proud of. 

As we celebrate our first decade in business our sights are firmly on the opportunities that are ahead. We recognised that we were outgrowing the Integrity Solutions brand, and to support our continued growth over the next ten years a rebrand was necessary. 

What better time and what better way to bring the company to the next phase than with a rebrand. This rebrand moves our business to the next level and will fuel our continued growth and international expansion.

What does the name mean? 

The name Integrity360 reflects the complete 360 degree security service that we offer to our clients. This new name represents our approach to their security while still linking us to our former identity. 

As the IT security landscape rapidly evolves and new threats emerge, we continue to invest in our offering bringing innovative service to our clients. We look at security from every angle.

Why the logo? 

We wanted a new, dynamic and confident look that reflects the confidence of our clients. We’ve chosen strong, energetic colours which echo the energy and passion that we will continue to move forward with.

Explain the tagline, ‘your security in mind’. 

With our strong client focus we keep our clients’ security in mind through all engagements. Our clients have confidence that they can rely on and trust us to go above and beyond to ensure their security needs are met and exceeded. We take their security personally.

What will change?

Our trading name, our logo and our colours have changed. Apart from that, all other details remain the same. Our registration number, our VAT number, our contact details and most importantly, our team have not changed.We’ll move forward with the same energy and passion we’ve always had and the same expert team will continue to deliver the highest quality service to our valued clients.

Have you been acquired? 

No, not at all. The structure of the company has not changed. Changing the name of the company was a proactive business decision based on strong growth plans and an endeavour to refine our message to our clients. 

The company name has changed but the team that drives the business forward remains the same. The skills and the expertise of the ‘Integrity’ team remains. The client focused ethos that the company maintains has not changed. The only change will be the company name, the colours and the logo.

Is the management team still intact? 

Yes, absolutely. There have been no changes to the management team or the structure of the business. The business will carry on as normal. The services that the company offers will continue and the people you deal with will continue to be your point of contact. There have not been any structural changes as a result of this change.

We hope that our rebrand gives clarity to the extent of our offering and that it articulates who we are as a company. We are excited about the opportunities that Integrity360 brings and we look forward to sharing this with you. 

If you have any questions on our rebranded we would be delighted to answer them. Please email marketing@integrity360.com with any questions.