MDR Services

Our Managed Detection and Response Services provide continuous monitoring from a team who’ll neutralise any breaches at speed...

Incident Response Services

Gain access to malware experts to quickly contain threats and reduce future exposure to attacks...

Gartner Recognised

Integrity360 has been recognised as a Gartner Representative Vendor.

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Many organisations are turning to managed service providers and MDR services. Find out why in our ebook.

The Reality of Ransomware: What you need to know in 2024

In 2024, the landscape of ransomware attacks will continue to evolve, drawing from past trends while adapting to new defences and technologies. 

How should organisations respond to a data breach?

In this blog we look at how an organisation should respond to a data breach.

Your guide to 2024: Trends and Predictions

Stay ahead of the latest cyber security industry developments, advancements and threats, and understand how you can best protect your organisation.

Choosing your cyber security framework

Learn about seven of the most popular cyber security frameworks being used by businesses around the world.

MDR Services

Our Managed Detection and Response Services provide continuous monitoring from a team who’ll neutralise any breaches at speed

Integrity360 invests €8M in new Security Operations Centre in Dublin and creates 200 jobs

Integrity360 has invested €8 million in its new Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Dublin.

Advantio joins Integrity360

Advantio acquired by Integrity360 to expand European footprint and provide complementary cyber services capability.
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Securing IoT and OT environments

Non-IT assets are increasingly a target

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of organisations can identify insecure IoT devices

0 %

of IoT traffic remains unencrypted

0 %

of security professionals believe that unsecured IoT and applications put their organisations at risk

IoT and OT environments pose unique security challenges that traditional IT methods can't fully address. As sectors like utilities and healthcare increasingly adopt these technologies, tailored strategies for asset visibility, vulnerability management, and detection are vital. Failing to secure OT and IoT can jeopardise data, physical infrastructure, and business continuity.


Safeguard your operational and informational assets

Managed Cloud Security

Managed Cloud Security

Managed Network Detection & Response (NDR)

Managed Network Detection & Response (NDR)

Managed Data Security

Managed Data Security

Managed Cyber Services

Managed Cyber Services


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Fortify your IoT and OT environments with our specialised security services. 

Protect your connected devices and operational technology from cyber threats with our advanced security measures and support.

Consult with an expert today to discover the best solutions for your organisation.

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Begin your journey towards a secured connected environment.

IoT and OT are revolutionising how businesses operate, but they can be a double-edged sword if not secured correctly. Don't leave your operations vulnerable. Discover the solutions that align with your needs and objectives. Seek guidance on how to shield your assets in an increasingly connected world.


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