MDR Services

Our Managed Detection and Response Services provide continuous monitoring from a team who’ll neutralise any breaches at speed

Incident Response Services

Gain access to malware experts to quickly contain threats and reduce future exposure to attacks

Gartner Recognised

Integrity360 has been recognised as a Gartner Representative Vendor.

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Many organisations are turning to managed service providers and MDR services. Find out why in our ebook.

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Integrity360 invests €8M in new Security Operations Centre in Dublin and creates 200 jobs

Integrity360 has invested €8 million in its new Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Dublin.

Advantio joins Integrity360

Advantio acquired by Integrity360 to expand European footprint and provide complementary cyber services capability.
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Managed IPS

Hackers can move laterally through a network and gain a foothold once they've slipped past perimeter defences.

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) work hand-in-hand to stop hackers by meeting the cyber threat head on at the point of entry.

An IPS on the other hand analyses traffic for known signs of intrusion or suspicious packets. It may block these attempts depending on how its configured.

Benefits of our service:

Managed IPS help businesses get the most out of mission-critical tools. In the process, organisations gain the ability to quickly intervene with cyber threats and mitigate incidents at the point of entry.

  • Continuous policy tuning

  • Best-in-class security controls

  • Scalable to fit any strategy

  • 24x7x365 support

  • Actionable insights from reporting

  • Quick incident intervention

How it works

Both the IDS and IPS can generate a large number of alerts and false-positives. Managed IDS and IPS services enable certified and experienced Integrity360 security analysts to finely tune these tools to ensure the systems know what to look for - and that legitimate traffic isn't being blocked.

Managed IDS and IPS service also takes on the responsibility of responding to these events, which isn't automatically guaranteed when the platforms are unmonitored. With quick intervention, organisations can quickly identify and potentially mitigate cyber threats.

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Gartner Recognised

We are thrilled to share that Integrity360 has been recognised as a Gartner Representative Vendor in 3 of their Market Guides, including: Managed Security Services, Managed Detection and Response and Managed SIEM Services.

Gartner has included a range of providers within its market guide for managed services to ensure clear coverage from a geographical, vertical and capabilities perspective. Those included in the Gartner market guide display clarity in the vision for an end-user outcome-focused offering distinct from a pure technology-driven offering.


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