Incident Response

Be proactive in defending against a cyber-attack and make Incident Response software a key cog in your cyber security machine.

The most important action to be taken after a security incident is detected is often out of reach for a lot of companies.

The biggest threats to companies on the internet used to be worms and email scamming. Now, there’s phishing, malware, ransomware, cryptojacking, formjacking, trojans and spearphishing to worry about.

The technical expertise required to analyse, contain and eradicate a cyber security threat isn’t a resource that’s freely available.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Guide

Explore next-generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools and the impact they’re having on companies’ cyber security strategies.

How It Works

Incident Response solutions turn events into actionable insights. They aggregate and synthesise alerts, feeding them to your security team in a format that allows them to quickly identify, investigate, triage and remediate intrusions on the network.

The response time to a cyber security event can make or break its cost. Intervene in record speed and the organisation may escape unscathed; linger on it and the business is likely looking at expensive remediation costs. Work with world-class vendors to ensure the latter doesn't happen.

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Benefits of Incident Response

A cyber criminal breaks through your organisation's defences.  What happens next? Your organisation may be committed to detection and prevention, but don't forget that you need the have resources to investigate and remediate.  Incident Response software enables security teams to do just that with a lot less effort, cost and more accurately.  So what will it mean for you?

  • Improved threat intelligence
  • Real-time threat analysis
  • Actionable insights
  • Quickly respond to security incidents
  • Collect more data
  • Automated security orchestration
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CIS Controls list Incident Response Management as #19 Organisational control to protect the organization's information, as well as its reputation, by developing and implementing an incident response infrastructure for quickly discovering an attack and then effectively containing the damage, eradicating the attacker's presence, and restoring the integrity of the network and systems.  

Centre for Internet Security


Choose a partner who holds the highest levels of accreditations with a wide range of industry-leading IT security partners.  A partner who commits to ongoing training and has strong relationships with partners to ensure you receive the most complete support and robust solutions available.