Supplier Privacy


To provide the security services we offer we contract a number of trusted suppliers, for which we need to collect supplier personal data. This section is for all employees of a business who is a supplier or potential supplier of services to us.


How We Collect Your Personal Data

We receive personal data about our Suppliers from a variety of sources, as follows:

  • provided directly by the Supplier
  • created by Integrity360 as part of the business relationship
  • collected from public sources
  • as part of our website registration.


Lawful Basis of Processing

We only process your data in line with the lawful basis as set out in the Regulation. The main lawful basis are;

  • Performance of a Contract - Whether we have an existing contract, or we are in the process of agreeing one with you.
  • Legal Obligation - If we have a legal obligation to process personal data, such as payment of taxes.
  • Legitimate Interest - It is considered reasonable to use Client Contact personal data for our legitimate interests in our business or potential relationships with clients.

You have rights under all of these lawful bases. How to exercise these is explained above.


Personal Data We Have

The types of data we process about our suppliers include: name, email, phone number, role, company, financial information.


Use of Your Personal Data

Supplier Contact personal data is processed for finance, contract and service management.

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