Organisational success often hinges on the security of digital infrastructure.

From endpoint to endpoint and everything in-between, cybercriminals are constantly trying to access intellectual property, steal data and disrupt operations.

Managed security service provides certified and experienced analysts in a third-party capacity to create a 24x7x365 state of protection against hackers.


$ savings in data breach in organisations
with fully deployed security automation


of attacks infiltrate unnoticed


$ av. cost savings with incident response teams and IR testing

Managed Security Services

We offer a range of award winning managed security services to our enterprise clients:

Why choose Integrity360 MSS?

True Security Expertise

  • Highly skilled, qualified security analysts
  • Extensively experienced security teams
  • Niche subject matter experts

Dedicated 24x7 SOC

  • Purpose built, state of the art facility
  • Permanently manned SOC 24x7

Proactive Security Approach

  • Effective security management 
  • Itil process driven
  • Continuous improvement focused 

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Benefits of Managed Security

Cost Effective

Organisations often fall into the trap of adopting every new technology on the market without understanding what the threats they face are or whether the tools talk with each other. Cyber security can't be performed in a silo; managed security services aims to bring a holistic, process-driven approach to a strategy.

Under a managed security approach, organisations gain access to the platforms and skillsets they need and when they need them. It allows businesses to shed some of the overhead and additional costs that come with a best-in-class approach to cyber security without compromising on the quality of the services.


Latest Technologies

Cyber security technologies are changing as quickly as cybercriminals' tactics do.  The cost of upgrading to these tools - no matter how essential they are to protecting you can be prohibitive. It leaves a large portion of organisations lacking the security they need because they believe they don't have access to it.

Managed security services utilise the latest technologies that will mitigate the risk from the cyberthreats a business faces. It provides access to everything from security SIEM platforms that run on big data to next-generation firewalls that communicate with individual parts of the network.

360 Security

Organisations with small cyber security teams struggle to see the bigger picture. If left unchecked, it can create a scenario that has been seen before: hackers having a foothold in the network for months or even years at a time. It creates a poor reputation for the business and can potentially lead to legal issues down the road.

By having a SIEM platform and other next-generation tools feed information to a 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) filled with talented and certified analysts, organisations rid themselves of some of the burdensome costs of cyber security. Experts are able to get a complete view of the network, getting involved at a moment's notice and taking threat intelligence cues from other clients.

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Integrity 360 are very professional in their knowledge and execution of cyber security. They are also very encouraging of customers to upskill in cyber security to allow them understand better, what can be a very complex and fast moving area.

Senior IT Analyst Utilities

Our Expertise

Our team of analysts hold over a dozen certifications and years of experience in discovering, investigating and remediating client vulnerabilities.