Penetration Testing

A strong network perimeter requires constant attention, patching and updates. Regular vulnerability scans and reviews can check for missing patches and security holes, but a network penetration test goes further than just scanning a network for vulnerabilities. A penetration tester thinks like a real world hacker, exploring multiple avenues of attack.

During a network penetration test Integrity360’s security specialists perform targeted attacks against an organisation’s network and servers to test how resilient they are to external or internal attack and compromise.

The aim of the penetration test is not only to identify vulnerabilities in systems but also to highlight potential business risk and help the organisation understand what mitigation techniques and remediation actions can be implemented to improve their security posture

A vulnerability assessment may highlight weaknesses in your network and server estate; however it will not highlight the real business risk exposed should an attacker exploit a vulnerability. On the surface, an unpatched application on one server out of several hundred may seem trivial, but what if an attacker was able to exploit this flaw, gain root access to the device, launch a password attack against the system’s stored passwords and then use this information to access other potentially more critical assets?

Or what if an attacker used a misconfigured mail server to send a convincing email to a member of the sales team pretending to be a prospective client convincing them to click a link that would take the sales representative unknowingly to a malicious website? A penetration test would highlight such issues.

Unless your security has been tested in a manner that mimics a real world targeted attack it is very difficult to understand the impact such an attack could have on your organisation. Whether it is an attacker sending a convincing email to a member of staff getting them to click a link, or gaining root access to a server or device, the consequences can be untold and very costly.

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