Cyber Security - From the FBI to the Future

Our economy has shifted to a highly digital and globally connected stage. With these advancements, new challenges have come into play, along with new tools to overcome these challenges. Endpoint security can be just as complex Endpoint security has evolved well beyond signature-based antivirus which has proven to be unable to keep pace with the speed and volume of evolving threats. The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning on endpoint protection, and predictive protection becoming a reality can make it difficult to determine where to begin.

Hear from our special guest Cylance’s John McClurg, VP Office of Security & Trust (and former CSO of Dell). John will share his journey and experience from his days as a special agent for the FBI, through to his CSO roles for Dell, Honeywell, and Bell Laboratories. At Dell, John’s responsibilities included the strategic focus and tactical operations of Dell’s internal global security services, both physical and cyber, as well as improving the effectiveness and efficiency of security initiatives, including Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Listen to this webinar to hear: 

  • What can today’s CISO expect for the future of security? 
  • How is the market addressing the new challenges? 
  • What is the impact of artificial intelligence on endpoint protection? 
  • Steps to building a more effective threat prevention program within complex environments.


John McClurg has a personal commitment and professional focus on protecting the people, processes, and assets of an enterprise from both physical and cyber threats, including acts of terrorism, economic and industrial espionage, and other detrimental forces being asserted in today’s global marketplace. This focus is evident in his experience in establishing counter espionage developments with the CIA, his service as an advisor in FBI investigations, and his extensive leadership within the private sector. John is currently with the company Cylance, but has also acted as CSO for Dell, Honeywell, and Bell Laboratories.

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