Managed SIEM

Integrity360’s Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) service gathers data from across your network and servers to provide your business with actionable intelligence to perform investigations and protect your network. Having a centralised repository of log data means we can perform dense correlations to gain an insight into the security events occurring within your network across several security domains. This provides information about potential threats such as unauthorised access attempts, privilege misuse, policy abuse, anomalous behavior and more.

Integrity360's team of specialist security consultants employ rigorous methods to really understand your network and data. We can carry out risk assessments and perform threat modelling so that there is a clear view of what security controls should be implemented. We can show you where you are most at risk and put together a plan to reduce your exposure.

Once the most critical security controls have been put in place, we then work with you to extend the monitoring coverage through continuous security improvement, which is vital in an ever changing dynamic environment. We can also cater for your individual requirements, translating use cases into correlated data-searches and providing you with reporting and/or alerting capabilities.

Implementing a SIEM solution improves visibility of your network so that you can better understand your security posture. As a result you can more efficiently defend against threats – whether this be insider abuse, external attacks or simple misconfiguration.

Without looking at a consolidated view of your data, you run the risk of missing crucial events. A simple login failure on one machine from a user may seem trivial, but performing a correlated search may reveal the same user has failed to log in to every machine in your estate in the last hour – thus, revealing it to be a security incident.

Compliance - SIEM solutions can be deployed to produce reports for various regulations and highlight compliance issues within your infrastructure. They also provide a method for retaining log data and supporting audit functions within your business.

Operational Intelligence - Harvesting meaningful intelligence from your data gives you an advantage when it comes to making decisions and staying ahead of the game. Security events can be spotted and dealt with, network statistics and performance metrics can be measured and adhoc investigations can be performed on any aspect of your log data, giving you a deeper understanding of your IT infrastructure.

Separating the good from the bad - Often, it can be tempting to search for known threats, which is typically how some intrusion detection and antivirus systems operate, this is known as a ‘signature based’ approach. A powerful advantage of a security monitoring solution is the ability to define what is considered ‘good’ behaviour within your network and then to classify everything else as suspicious or ‘bad’. This provides a very efficient way of spotting unknown threats or deviation from correct operating procedure.