Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments will test your networks and applications for missing patches, insecure configurations and vulnerable software versions. A vulnerability assessment can quickly highlight issues or areas on a network that require attention. Our consultants attempt to reduce the number of false positives by verifying the existence of vulnerabilities identified whilst ensuring minimal risk to the target environment.

Vulnerability assessments can be used to assess the following elements:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Web applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Phishing
  • Network devices
  • System builds

Vulnerability assessments offer good value and will provide you with a fundamental understanding of your security posture. They can be used to cover larger networks in less time.

They are ideal for businesses attempting security testing for the first time or can be used to complement other forms of testing, e.g. quarterly vulnerability assessments can be used in association with annual penetration tests.

They are a more cost-effective alternative to other forms of testing and can be used to provide breadth.

They are less intrusive than penetration testing and red teaming.

They can be used to test both application and network layers.

They can be performed from an unauthenticated or an authenticated perspective.

Better results are obtained when your security systems (IPS/WAF) are relaxed (for our scanning systems only) for the duration of the assessment.