Board Security Awareness

If you don’t speak the board’s language, it’ll be nearly impossible to get them to understand – much less, approve an investment for critical infrastructure and security tools.

It’s a topic that’s becoming all too common in board meetings nowadays, with roughly four in every five board members revealing that cyber security is on every itinerary.

Cyber risk is inherently complex, especially to those who don’t directly manage a network.

Presenting a cyber security initiative to the board of directors is like walking a tightrope; you need to find a balance between technical and persuasive language, or you may not like the final result.


The Essential Guide to Communicating With Your Board

Learn exactly what the directors will ask, what answers are most important to them and how to frame your argument so you can win over the board room.

Aligning for Success

It's common to engage a Cyber Risk and Assurance consultant to work with executives to help them prepare their pitch, presentation or corporate communications so that it's best received by the board of directors.

If a scientific formula for successfully presenting to the board exists, these three points are fuelling the algorithm.

  • The reputational risk of a security incident
  • The financial fallout of a security incident
  • The legal liability of a security incident

Talk To A Security Advisor

Get in touch to arrange a call with a security advisor to discuss your unique challenges and needs.

What You Can Achieve

Getting the board of directors to understand the significance of an investment or initiative is vital to its success, but it's not always easy.

Integrity360 consultants help executives craft their presentations to ensure that the themes and important aspects will be conveyed in the right manner to the board, improving their odds for success.

  • Improved success with board-approved initiatives
  • Align presentation with board values
  • Understand how to pitch projects

Our Qualifications

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Script your presentation to match what corporate boards care about the most: Enterprise and shareholder value, and strategic business objectives.